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The World of Beading Threads: A Personal Journey


Hey there, beadwork enthusiasts! Today, I'm taking you on a tour through the vibrant world of beading threads. So, let's explore the threads that have become my trusted companions in this craft.

Today, I'm taking you on a journey into the world of beading threads. As someone who's been working with beads for over two decades, I've woven my fair share of projects and threads into beautiful creations. I've explored a variety of threads, each with its own strengths and best uses. Join me as we dive into the threads that have become my trusty companions in this craft.

Fireline: My Reliable Go-to
When it comes to reliability and strength, Fireline stands tall. It's my go-to thread for most projects.

This unique quality of Fireline becomes especially handy when you need to pass the thread through the same bead multiple times. Its thinness allows for intricate patterns without worrying about breakage. Just as my dad used to describe himself - skinny but strong.

Ah, Fireline, my constant partner in the world of beads. It's my go-to thread for nearly all my projects but part of that may just be because that's what I learned on. I had to put away my projects and beads when I had my son because babies and beads just don't mix. I found when I was going through past projects the only ones that needed to be reinforced were not done in fireline. Just as my dad used to describe himself - skinny but strong. If you're going to put hours into something you want to make sure it lasts.

Fireline becomes especially handy when you need to pass the thread through the same bead multiple times. It's as thin as a whisper, allowing you to weave your creativity through intricate patterns without a care in the world.

S-Lon or C-Lon: Adding Colors and Texture
Now, let's talk about S-Lon or C-Lon thread - the thread that adds zest to my beading projects. It now comes in a delightful array of colors, offering a broad palette for my creative palette.

This thread is slightly thicker than Fireline, and it's perfect for specific applications. I'll tell you what - it's like that spice that enhances the flavor of your dish. It's fantastic for my Herringbone stitch bracelet. Delicas stand tall and proud as if they've found their soulmate. Plus, the choice of thread color can bring a whole new dimension to your designs.

And here's the best part - S-Lon is fantastic for creating fringe while maintaining its strength. It's like finding a treasure that's been hidden in plain sight.

Nymo: The Need for Extra Care, but most cost-effective
Now, Nymo has its place in the world of beadwork, but it's got a knack for breaking down or fraying over time. Not to mention, it demands conditioning and stretching before use. Call me old-fashioned, but I prefer a thread that doesn't need so much prep work.

Miyuki Thread: Budget-Friendly and Versatile Balanced
For those starting on their beadwork journey or on a budget, Miyuki thread is the answer. It won't break the bank, and it comes in a lovely range of colors.

It's a reliable and cost-effective choice that can accompany you on your creative adventures.

These threads are like my trusty sidekicks on my beadwork journey. But remember, the world of threads is vast, and there are plenty more to explore.

Wildfire, for instance, is like the cousin of Fireline - strong and dependable. However, I confess that I tend to get it tangled up more often than not. But hey, my friend Terry swears by it. So, when it comes to thread choice, it's all about what suits your style and needs.

I'm thrilled to continue sharing my passion and knowledge in this blog. I've been in the bead industry since I was a child, and all I ever wanted to do was make things with beads, teach others, and share my love for beads. The internet has opened up new possibilities, allowing me to connect with fellow bead enthusiasts and spread the joy of beading.

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