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Miyuki Delica Japanese Seed Color Palette Bead Set

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Miyuki Delica Japanese Seed Color Palette Bead Set

This beading palette captures the radiant yellows, deep brown, and rich greens of sunflowers, bringing the essence of summer into every bead. Perfect for creating vibrant, nature-inspired jewelry.

Elevate your beading experience with my personally curated bead color palettes. As an experienced, I've meticulously selected each hue to ensure a perfect blend of creativity and cohesion. By choosing these preselected palettes, you not only save time but also benefit from the artistic insight that goes into crafting harmonious color combinations. Dive into your projects with confidence, knowing that the colors are expertly chosen to enhance your artistic expression effortlessly.

These coordinating colors are sure to please. 

Whether you decide to integrate all the colors into your design or opt for a select few from the palette, rest assured that any combination you choose from these hues will effortlessly result in a striking and cohesive appearance!

Here's a closer look at the remarkable features of this set:

This comprehensive set includes approximately 7 grams of each of the colors shown. Here are the details of this incredible set:

💛 Brand: Genuine Miyuki Delica
🩵 Shape: Cylinder/tube
💚 Bead size: 1.6 millimeters
💙 Bead hole size: 0.8 millimeters
💜 Size: 11/0
❤️ Approximately 6.7-7 grams (1400 Beads )
🧡 Neatly packaged in reusable, resealable bags, high-quality bags, (not tubes) each thoughtfully labeled with the Miyuki Number.

The amount of beads you receive is the equivalent of a 3-inch tube. A bead tube is filled to the top and then poured into the bag. By not needing to save room for the cap to stay on you can receive more beads for the same cost.

I kindly request that you do not share the color numbers publicly


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