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RR401F Opaque Matte Black Size 15/0 Miyuki Rocaille

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2 inch Tube

Miyuki seed beads also known as rocailles are one of the highest-quality seed beads available. The uniformity and consistency of the Miyuki seed beads allow for greater precision in beading projects. Miyuki seed beads come packaged in tubes for easy storage and organization in your work area. Although small, and seemingly delicate, these beads are highly durable and are able to stand multiple passes of thread when used in bead weaving. Rocailles are rounder than the Delica bead, which is a tube shape or cylinder. The rounded shape of the beads gives the final piece a more organic look.

Miyuki Size 15/0 seed beads are the smallest seed beads and are great for intricate work, adding details to projects, and creating beaded bezels around rivolis.

Delica conversion: DB0310